The Ultimate HO Scale Flat Car Load!
HO Kit #215 US Naval 16" Gun  Barrel Load
This kit is designed to be loaded on two PRR F22 "Gun Flats" and includes an HO scale US Battleship Naval Gun Barrel (representative of both 16"/45 and 16"/50 naval gun barrels) and all associated blocking and hardware. HO scale brass F22 Flats were imported by Railworks,
now Crown Custom Imports. Resin F22 kits are available from Funaro & Camerlengo and can be found at
Flat Car Kits are not included in this kit.
Additionally, the PRR most often utilized their FM, 40 foot long flat cars as an idler flat for these loads as shown in these photos.
Funaro & Camerlengo also manufactures kits of the PRR FM Flat Cars.
When placed on your layout, this load will "articulate" on curves.
AMB makes Laser Cut Wooden Flat Car Decks for both the FM and F22 Flat Cars. Research by AMB, indicates that there were at least
seven different types of wood decks used on the F22 flats and the Gun flats used our "Type 7" deck. These Decks appear in these photos.
We manufacture all seven types of decks and they are available through "Laser Direct" at our web site
Or, click here to view additional information on these decks.
The above view shows the Muzzle End with the cast resin Muzzle Stirrup and Blocking over the PRR FM Flat Car. Also, the Blocking,
Load Bolster (AMB Kit #207, included in Kit #215), and "DO NOT HUMP" sign seen on the F22 Flat Car at left.
Note also the Stakes in the Stake Pockets on the F22 Flat and the Brakewheel Blocking, also included in Kit #215.
The above view shows the Blocking, Load Bolster (AMB Kit #207, included in Kit #215), and "DO NOT HUMP" sign seen over the first
F22 Flat Car from the other side. Note too, the Tie-Rods and cast resin Center Ring seen on the cast resin Barrel at right, all included in the Kit.
The Barrel is a one piece Resin Casting. Other resin castings include both the Muzzle and Breech Stirrups and the Center Ring.
All Resin Castings are made from original, proprietary AMB Masters and Molds.
This view shows the Blocking, Load Bolster (AMB Kit #207, included in Kit #215), and cast resin Breech Stirrup and Blocking on the second F22 Flat Car. Once again, the Wood Decks on the F22's and the FM are all AMB Products.
The FM and F22's shown in all photos are Funaro & Camerlengo kits.
The kit has Nine pages of instructions made up of Seven pages of Assembly Drawings and Two pages of Assembly Photos.
Additionally there are Two pages of Historical and Painting Information.
Together with the kit's Cover Page, there are a total of Twelve Pages of Assembly Instructions and Prototype and Model Photo References
to make this an easy and fun kit to assemble. On display, or on your railroad, this amazing load will stand out like no other!
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