Set 351 - How It Works
Painting and Installation of the Open Windows
Begin by peeling the 'Sash Masking" away as shown in Photo 1.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Once all of the Sash Masking
strips have been removed,
paint the car body color,
preferably with an airbrush,
as in Photo2.
Photo 3 shows  the "Open Windows" after painting, and before the masking
is removed.
Photo 4
Once paint has dried, "snap"
windows out of the Carrier Sheet,
then remove the rest of the masking from the front and rear of glazing.
See Photo 4.

Sand or file the tabs on the sides of the windows away, so they are flush with the edges.
Carefully slide the window into the recess on the back of the car wall.
This should be very close to a precise "press-fit". See Photo 5.

Press the glazing fully down in the recess and cement in place. Photo 6.

Ambroid's "Pro-Weld" or Future Floor Polish may be used to glue the glazing
in place. Whichever you use, apply small drops in the corners of the recess
and allow capillary action to pull the glue between the glazing and the back
of the window frame.
Photo 5
Photo 6
Once in place, the window glazing should look like this on the
interior of the sides
And,  like this from "outside" the car.
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