PRR Project List - Tichy Wreck Crane
HO & N Scale PRR Wrecking Derrick "5 Hole Hook"
1. Use a sharp hobby knife and carefully "score" a line
across the tab as shown below.
2. Next, use the tip of
the hobby knife to clean out the two notches on
the acrylic hook shank,
if needed, as shown
at right. Also, lightly
sand away any cutting residue with some 400
or 600 grit sand paper.
3. Remove a Ring #1 from the parts sheet, remove backing
and slide onto shank with adhesive side facing "up" as shown.
4. Next, remove a Ring #2 from parts sheet, remove backing and slide onto shank so that
the adhesive side attaches to the adhesive on Ring #1 as shown
at right. Press firmly
5. Now comes the tricky part. Remove one Part #3 from the parts sheet and remove its backing paper. Position the small half-circle cut into the center of #3 so that it fits into the notch on the Hook's shank as shown in 5a. Check that the notch on the side of Part #3 is aligned with
the same notch on Ring #2, then press the parts together so the notches line up and the sides of all three "rings" all line up.

Next, take the other Part #3 and repeat, making sure the inner half-circle on #3 fits into the notch on the plastic shank and the notch on #3's
outer circumfrence is aligned with the outer notch on Ring #2. Press the two halve of #3 together, as in Photo 5b, and also use a tweezers to
press them  firmly "down" on to  Rings #2 and #1 as in Photo 5c.

Photo 5d below, shows how the rings are "stacked", one on top of the other. NOTE alignment of notches on sides.
6. Add one more Ring #1 to top of "stack" as shown. Note alignment of "notches" on the side "faces" of the stack. These notches are diametrically opposed and will fit over the pins on the Side Plates of the Tichy crane's hook.
The notation "3X2" refers to the two halves of Parts #3 that have been assembled together.
The finished "Collar" is shown below. At this time, it is suggested that a thin layer of CA glue be applied around the entire circumfrence of the collar to "plasticize" the resin board rings. This makes the collar essentially one piece. Take care that the CA doesn't creep through the rings and reach the shank, otherwise the hook won't rotate.
7. Refer to Photo 7 and carefully use a hobby knife to trim away the sides of the "pin" on the inner face(s) of the Tichy Side Plates as shown.
By trimming the pin in this manner, it will allow the notches on the side of the hook's collar to pivot in line with the finished hook.
Additionally, the hook will also rotate as described in the previous step (as long as you were careful with the glue).
Construct the rest of the hook assembly per the kit's instructions, or your modifications.
Laser cut Resin Board Parts - .0156" Thick
Laser cut Acrylic Hooks - .030" Thick
Nov. 19, 2010 - HOOKS Now Available in N Scale!
See Ordering Information at bottom of this page.
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Each HO Scale Hook Kit costs $3.00 and has enough parts to build two hooks as mentioned above.
N Scale Hook Kits contain Three Hooks, only.
To Order: Send a Check or Money Order for $3.00 per kit, made payable to AMB, Inc.
Mail your check
to AMB, Inc. 8229 Brentwood Industrial Drive St. Louis, MO 63144
One First Class Stamp should cover postage for Two Kits. 
Two 1st Class Stamps should be used for 3 to 4 kits, Three Stamps for 5 to 6 kits, etc.
Email for additional ordering or catalog information.
Email for additional construction information.
In order to make this part available as economically as possible, assembly instructions follow on this web page.
There are no printed instructions sent with the parts.
The Parts Sheets for the Hook Kit are shown below. There are enough parts to build TWO hook assemblies - OR - an extra set of parts just in case some of the parts are lost or damaged.
See Ordering Information at bottom of this page.

Here are the "5 Hole Hooks" in N Scale, as seen on the Penny at left.

'Sorry, but I can't make the collar parts work -- just too small.

Each N Scale kit will contain 3 Hooks and Ordering is the same as the HO Parts.
That's 3 Hooks for $3.00 and a SASE.

Note that the Three Larger Holes are smaller than the 0's in 2004.
N scale modelers will need to determine the best way to attach the hooks to their
specific crane models. We'll look forward to your ideas on the PRRPro List! 
HO Scale Hook Shown on Tichy Crane