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Kits 8002 & 8003
HO Scale Deck and Cabin Scows

These Kits Are In Production
Shown Below is our Kit #8002 - The Deck Scow.
This kit's Hull has Both Camber and 8" Sheer.
Besides being the workhorse of Rail-Marine Navies, the lowly Deck Scow was also used by many small companies
in and around harbors everywhere. Sometimes small marine repair contractors might have one that was used
to set a compressor or welding machine on, while working on other marine craft.
Also, if you're a scratchbuilder, or kit-basher, our Deck Scow allows you to design and build your own
Super-Structure on this hull, without having to worry about building the hull from scratch.
There are unlimited possibilities of what can be placed on our Scow's Deck!
This Kit was released in 2005 and is the original HO Cabin Scow model.
It is of AMB's Original Model Design and Construction. Additionally, all cast resin parts (bitts, cleats,  tire bumpers, etc.) are Original AMB Parts, made from AMB's
Original masters. Please don't be fooled by a copy of
Our Original Kit.
Next Up is Our Kit #8003 - The Cabin Scow.
This kit's Hull has Both Camber and 8" Sheer.
A "Step Up" from the Deck Scow, the Cabin Scow had, obviously, a Cabin for the Captain/Crew of the Scow.
Traditionally, the Cabins would include a bed, or cot, a stove, some cupboards and a desk - all the comforts of home.

To protect the Cabin from Shifting Loads, most Cabin Scows had a sturdy Bulkhead that would protect
the Cabin, and its occupants, from shifting loads which may occur in heavy seas.
Our Kit comes complete with everything you see here, including the white metal
smoke jack. Note the construction and bracing of the massive bulkhead, an
AMB Original Design based upon the prototype practice of several marine builders.
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