Ever since we released our first Flat Car and Gondola Decks
and Loads, modelers have been asking us to produce this kit.
The JJM Railroad Enterprises Auto Frame Loads
have been around for quite a few years.
Now the modeler has an easy-to-build kit, available for transporting
those loads in the Tichy War Emergency Gon!
AMB Kit #350 Racks and Blocking For JJM Auto Frames and the Tichy War Emergency Gon.
Ask your dealer to order from JJM. Or, here is their address
as it appears on the end of the box.
Auto Frames and Tichy Gon not included in
(TM) No. 350.
Here's what you get in our kit.
Four Detailed Resin Castings
Peel & Stick, Adhesive Backed 1/16"
Basswood Blocking
Peel & Stick Backed 1/64" Plywood Floor/Deck
Laser Scribed & Cut, Gondola Sidewalls.
Peel & Stick Backed .040" Basswood Blocking Stringers
Real Wood Interior Lining For Tichy War Emergency Gon
Note the amount of detail visible inside the gon.
The side walls are scribed to represent individual
boards and have laser marked nail/bolt holes.
We supply .015 diameter brass wire
for the Tie-Down Rack
Tension Rods.
One Piece Cast Resin
"Tie-Down" Assembly
Cast Resin Support Components with Structural Channel Legs and Built-Up Double Channel Cross Bar.
Close-up View of Deck, Blocking and
"Hold-Down Stringers",
Rack Cross Bar
Cross Bar Support
Legs with Structural Channel Detail
Tie-Down Assembly
Close-Up of Side Walls and Stringers showing
Board and Nail Scribes
.015 " Brass Wire for Tension Rods and
Laser Cut Peel & Stick Side Wall Adhesive Strips
not shown, but included.
Available Now - MSRP is $17.95
Click Here To Order This Kit From AMB
To Other Loads
The decals that come in the Tichy Gon kit that have decals, have the correct car numbers for two
of the Santa Fe's cars that were dedicated to Auto Frame service.
Kit 395 - Interior Wood "Liner" For Tichy War Emergency Gon
Just like Kit 350, but only the wood Deck and Sides.
Deck and Sides assemble to interior in same fashion as Kit 350.
The Deck has AMB's ORIGINAL Peel & Stick adhesive and the Sides are applied
using two strips of Peel & Stick as in Kit 350.
MSRP $8.95
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