Blue Grosbeak Trail at Weldon Spring
Here he is, sitting atop a perfect tree for storing dinner.
Is this a Hawthorn?       Photo Taken 01-24-09.
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All Photos Copyright 2008/09 - J. Hitzeman, Troy, MO
From Highway(s) 40 / 61 / I-64 turn "South" on Highway 94. Proceed to first rock/gravel road
on "Left" and turn in as shown. You will see a "Red Metal Fence" straight ahead. It is shown on photos as a red line. See second photo as you can walk straight on that road to viewing area(s).
Or, park in second lot as shown by Red "X" in both photos.
Follow Blue Lines shown below. You can stay on the roads, or short-cut through the grass areas.
There are lots of sparrows that hang around between the parking lot and the little creek.

The row of multi flora bushes is like a "hedgerow", and  you can walk in the upper field
to the NW, or the lower field to the SE. "Vlad" the Northern Shrike can be seen in
this area, between the "parallel" blue lines..
Here, Vlad has a small mouse, or vole, in his beak.
Photo 2  -  01-24-09
At the request of several Listers, here's a map with more info
on it. The Shrike may be found in both Areas 1 & 2, but not Area 51.
The Photo 1 & 2 "Arrows" correspond with the above pictures and
indicate the direction the camera was pointed when the photos were taken.