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The "System"
The objective, during product development, was to design a "System" of components that would allow the greatest flexibility of options for the modeler, so that each individual could put together a "package" of parts that would be "tailor-made" for their specific project.

Illustrated below are the basic components of our System.
The first component is the "Basic Window Set", available in Three Different Configurations,
which contain Glazing for the Side Windows, Vestibule Side Doors, and Vestibule Interior Doors.
Set 351
Opened and Closed Car Side Windows
Pre-Masked for painting the Lower Window Sash the Car Body Color.
Set 352
All Side Windows Closed, for cold weather, or early air-conditioned cars.
Set 353
Insulated, Thermopane Side Windows
for  air-conditioned cars.
Laser Etched Lavatory "Prism" Windows
We offer a wide variety of laser etched lavatory windows. All are based upon prototype designs.
We have "Railroad Non-Specific" sets of Standard Design and a growing number of
"Railroad Logo" windows available. Lavatory Glazing comes Four Panes to a Set.
Scale Size Comparison.
Note Clarity of Detail.
Masked on the Exterior,
Scribed on the Interior
(Masking Not Removed)
Masking Removed, Ready For "Frosting", as described on Following Pages.
Window Shade Sets
Shade Sets are Laser Cut from a variety of materials.
Each set contains enough shades for Two Cars. There are "Random Sized Shades" and
"Straight-Across Shades" allowing maximum flexibility of "usage appearance" on your finished model. Shades will be offered in a variety of colors. All shades in a set will be the same color.
As the Coach Kit does not have the Above-Door Driprails, we offer laser cut, Peel & Stick sets that may be colored to match the roof color of your model.

There are four Driprails to be placed above the Side Doors and both Straight and Curved Driprails for the Car Ends.
Additional "System" Components will be added to this page shortly.
Set 351
Set 352
Set 353
Straight-Across Shades
Random Sized Shades
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