Quite some time ago, I received two plastic, Ken Kidder Double Truck Birney Bodies.
These models were produced both in brass and plastic in the late 1960s.

One of my employees has extensive experience in RTV Mold Making and Resin Casting.
Back in 2002, I gave him one of the shells and asked if he could cast it in one piece.
The result is seen above, on the right. All of the castings on this page are "straight from
the mold". That means that there has been no cleanup of flash in the window
openings, or any other cosmetic work performed prior to being pictured here.
Shown here is the laser cut, acrylic floor and chassis. The floor has all appropriate openings, and screw holes required to mount a Bowser "PCC" drive, as shown.

Additonally, there is a motor mounting plate that positions the Bowser supplied motor at
the proper "above rail" height to run smoothly with the Bowser Gear Tower.
Shown below, is the Resin Shell mounted on the Chassis and Drive.
Dave Garcia, noted "Left Coast" Trolley & Traction expert, Bill Hoss and I searched for
an exact prototype for this particular Door & Window Arrangement. While similar cars
were in sevice in Sacramento, CA and Tuscon, AZ, a "dead-on" prototype is yet to be found.
Therefore, a variety of modifications may be made to the body, prior to release.
One such modification is shown above. In most cases, specific prototypes may be modeled,
however, "generic" forms will be available also. The use of the Ken Kidder shell was only in
an attempt to establish if a one piece body casting of the above quality could be produced.

I will not sell an exact copy of the Ken Kidder shell for obvious reasons.

However, I have been "sitting" on all of this for over two years, just waiting to see if interest
in such a product would grow. It apparently has, and I will proceed with further development.

A number of people have indicated they have the original "shells" sitting around without a chassis and drive. I will make the Chassis kit available as soon as pricing is established.
You may email me directly for information as it develops.

Additionally, all types of Detail Parts and Kits will be in development too.

All of these items, will be produced as "Bridgton Car Shops" kits. These are kits that fall into highly specialized, "niche" markets and are produced, individually, by me.
In other words, these don't fall into our regular "mainstream" line of LASERkit Products.
They are an outgrowth of my personal modeling interests and I just like making them
available whether it makes sense, or not!! Some people refer to these products as the
AMB "Stealth Line", and that's fine with me too!
and other trolley/traction items.
February 14. 2004