The F&C, PRR F33 Flat Car in HO Scale
I recently completed my F&C F33 kit, as shown above, prior to weathering. Both sides of the car are shown, note the air line in the lower photo.

I originally did not plan to produce a laser scribed and cut deck for this model, but I changed my mind AFTER the model was finished.

So, it took a bit of courage to use my old nibbler to cut the deck away, see Photo 1.

After surviving that episode, I mounted the deck sections in place. I left the center section out, as history indicates that in the real world,
that section was often lost, never to be seen again. Eventually, the PRR attached the section permanently to resolve the loss situation.
Close-up photo of Three Section Deck Kit
Photo 1
As shown, the F33 Deck Kit comes in Three Sections.

These decks are adhesive backed, so all that is needed
to install the decks is to peel away the protective
backing and press the decks in place, assuming that
the model's floor is left in place where you want the deck.

The F33 Deck Kit is available now and ready for shipping.
Email here for Cost & Shipping Information.
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