Hurricane Ike
AMB Flood and Aftermath
September 14, 2008
September 22, 2008
Front Door of AMB
Left View on 09-14-08
Mud & Water
Right View on 09-22-08
Carpet and Drywall
Office Floor with 3" of water.
Stuff that had fallen down, boxes collapsed.
Files, Books & Papers Destroyed.
Same Area as shown at Left, but 24
hours later.
Late Evening, 09-15-08.
At Left, Same Area as Above Two Views, Evening of 09-22-08,
after everything removed, carpet pulled up and bottom 24"
of drywall cut away.
View at right, Tuesday afternoon, carpeting being removed. By this time, the mud and water smell (stench) was getting powerful.
Below - Only Three of about 600  books, professional reference magazines, historic drawings & photographs
(some over 100 years old) and papers destroyed. About 90% of our business
records were also destroyed
Views of Entry Hall and Portions of Front
Office over four day period. From Standing
Water to Carpet and Drywall Removed.
The General Shop Area -Over
300 Gallons of Water Removed.
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I never expected that a Hurricane could have such a disastrous effect on the St. Louis Area.
But when the remnants of Hurricane Ike passed through St. Louis on the morning
of September 14, 2008, disaster struck. While several communities in the area were flooded
(2 deaths in nearby University City, Mo) our City of Brentwood, experienced what was possibly the worst, extensive flooding in St. Louis County.

We are hoping that State and/or FEMA funds will become available to assist as we rebuild.

Most of the photos shown below, are arranged in a "Before - After" format.
While our Laser-Cutters, visible on the right in the photo above, remained
"high & dry", the exposure to the high levels of humidity and whatever
unknown pollutants were, and are, in the atmosphere are having a negative
effect on the operation of these sophisticated pieces of equipment.

Our lasers use a number of high resolution optics, mirrors and lenses to "bend"
and deliver the laser beam to the cutting "plane".  These optics are extremely
sensitive to any airborne pollutants and this may ultimately destroy the lasers.

Additionally, the plaster dust (from the drywall removal) along with other
particulates, have infiltrated the laser machinery and all of the computers
that were not destroyed by the flood waters. The restoration contractors have
installed a multitude of fans to dry out the resdiual water/moisture.
These fans are blowing large amounts of dust through our office/shop,
causing additional, extensive damage to all of the company's
other equipment, remaining supplies, records and our display models.

Essentially, our property that was not ruined by the flood waters, is now
being further damaged as a result of the restoration.
Kit Manufacturing and Laser Cutting Area
after initial clean-up - 09-15-08
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Note in photo at upper left, several inches of water with mud and
slime below.

Anything that
had this slime
on it felt like it
was covered
with wallpaper
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