September 30, 2008

As we move into our Third Week after the Flood, the Restoration Continues.

The replacement drywall was installed today. The additional accumulation of drywall dust is getting over everything.

Starting tomorrow (10-01-08)
Joint Compound will be applied. The anticipated number of days to finish
"mudding" the walls is planned to go well into next week. This will include Three applications of "mud" and "dry-sanding" instead of

We will have to start covering everything with plastic
drop-cloths, as the presence and accumulation of the drywall dust has already started to show its effect on our computers and the lasers, which have started losing power on almost a daily basis.

The addition of the drywall dust will, most likely, ruin any chance of the lasers being usable, or repairable.

At this point, the damage and damage potential of the restoration has clearly exceeded the damage, business interruption and destruction of property of the actual flood.

The contractor suggested, today, that it will be at least another month before all restoration might be completed.

The photos speak for themselves, and it is apparent that our efforts at trying to operate our company, even
in "single digit percentages" has become impossible.

Additionally, the plumbers will begin removing the vanities and toilets from the bathrooms over the next several days. That will further complicate matters.

The electricians have some of the outlets restored to use.

We are down to one operable phone and are having to rely on our answering machine as, at times, we can't get to the operating phone because of the construction.
We've lost track of the number of times we've had to disconnect our "in-house" network connections, only
to have to re-connect them, then have to shut down the router, or unplug it. I've been needing to print out
some paperwork on our copier/printer for two days,  but have been unable to do so because of the
network "being down" or glitches in the system caused by the construction disruption.

The photo below shows the amount of dust that has accumulated over the past 6 days
on a 1/2" scale tank car. That's the amount of dust on, and in, our equipment and environment.
No photographs of the shop are shown on this page, as nothing has changed.

When will we get back to "normal"?
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The restoration work being done by the Property Management Company is
warranted, professional and being done expeditiously.
But, trying to work as it goes on is almost impossible.