As shown in Photo 6, I apply a fillet of thickened
CA to the joints inside of the Gusset and "T"
Assembly for added strength and support.
Photo 7 shows the completed Truck Mount
and Frame. It has been painted with
Gray Primer for better viewing.
Use a 2-56 Tap in the Coupler Mounting Hole, as in Photo 8.. Do this slowly and carefully
so you don't split through the thin end of the Frame. Do both ends of the Frame.
As indicated by the pointer in Photo 9, use the two holes on each end of the Frame to locate the
holes in the body for the frame mounting screws. Use a scriber or the tip of a hobby knife to
make pilot holes in the underside of the body deck. Don't worry, this portion of the deck is
INSIDE the hood, so the holes won't show.
Drill "tap holes" in the body deck with a #50 drill for tapping as shown in Photo 10.
Tap all four holes with the 2-56 tap as in Photo 11.
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