House Finch Conjunctivitis
Over the past three years, I've observed
an increasing number of House Finches
with Conjunctivitis.

I've been aware that
this is a growing problem and have only
recently spotted more
individuals than has been normal in my Troy, Missouri Back Yard.

This page shows both
healthy and infected
Some images may
be disturbing.
Shown above is a
healthy male, with
a healthy female
shown at right.

Both individuals were
photographed in
March 2009 at my
back yard feeders..
This female was photographed in our Bird Bath in October, 2008
The degree of infection was similar in both eyes.
The male photographed below visited our feeders for about two weeks
during mid-March, 2009. There is marginal infection in his left eye, but as the
enlargement shows, apparently, the infection has fully covered his right eye.
The male below was photographed on March 28, 2009.
Both eyes were observed to have approximately the same degree of
infection. The poor guy sat hunched in our spruce tree for quite some
time then managed to weakly fly off into the woods. I don't believe
that he could see well enough to fly effectively.
Fortunately, there are still significant numbers of healthy individuals
present in the area. The House Finches usually number between
seventy-five and one hundred individuals, year 'round.
These "common" little birds are gregarious and fun to have around,
The fellow above is an fine example of a handsome male House Finch.
If anyone has any information on possible ways to help the infected birds, or
suggestions as to how to keep non-infected birds healthy, please email me
at the address below.  Thanks! John Hitzeman Troy, MO
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