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Acadiacoons Maine Coon Cats
Meet "HOMER"
Homer's CFA Registered Name is:
Acadiacoons Agamenticus
At just Four months old, look at those Paws!!!
Is this guy gonna be big, or what?
As with all Maine Coon Cats, Homer has a
multi-faceted personality. One moment they
look so proud and handsome and a few
seconds later, their "Goofy" side comes out.
Maine Coons -- They just "do that"!
Homer was born May 13th, 2005.
His Mom is:
Hovden's Andreana of Acadiacoons, "Andi"
and his Dad is:
GC, RW Pawtalk's Aroostook of Acadiacoons DM
Hovden's Andreana
Of Acadiacoons
CH Hovden's Bjorn Olafsen
CH Lagunacoon Myriah
GC, RW Pawtalks Aroostook Of Acadiacoons DM
GC, RW Pawtalks Troy Aik'Maine
CH Pawtalks Pretty Wo'Maine
Of Acadiacoons
Acadiacoons Agamenticus
Thanks to Homer's
Claudia Hovden,
Sara Theodorsen Beggs
and Gayla Pierce
So, how do we get "Homer" out of
Agamenticus, or vice-versa?

99.9% of Acadiacoons cats are named for
places in the State of Maine. Since Homer is a Silver Mac Tabby, and the Periodic Table
Symbol for Silver is "Ag", well that's where
his Maine State Name came from.

When he was just a little boy, about the time
he was beginning to master walking, or in
his case. prancing, he came bounding across
the floor and for some reason, when he came
up to my face, "Well, Hi Homer!" just fell
out of my mouth. With his personality, his
name fits hime just fine.
CH Pawtalks Spelld Out In Blk & Wht
Homer's Pedigree - In Progress
GC, RW Katmaindu Stormin Norman Schwarzkat DM
GC Pawtalk's Patent Pending
GC Groovycats Lava Lamp Of Pawtalk
Update - 09-18-05 
Homer attended his first show in Topeka this weekend.
While he didn't win any finals against his competition (6 - 8 month old kittens), he
was recognized not only for his appearance, but mostly for his personality,
which was impeccable. He quite literally purred his way through the weekend!

If he had received points for his behavior, it was remarked that he surely 
would have made some "Finals". Way to go Homer!!!