--- Illinois Terminal System ---
ITS 264 and ITS Class B 1576 are both GHB HO Scale Models
---- A Preview Of  IT Equipment Details ----
Laser Scribed & Cut "Clear View" Glazing
Laser Scribed & Cut Arched Glazing ----
These windows are cut from .030 acrylic( plex). The "Lead Came Lines" are laser scribed on the rear side of the window. Black water
based paint, or ink, is then rubbed into the scribes.

Then, a piece of stretched plastic sprue is used to apply Tamiya Clear acrylic Red and Green. After the red & green has been applied, 
an amber mix of Tamiya Clear Yellow & Orange is applied to
represent the Cathedral Glass, as called out on the carbuilder's
drawing, per Mr. Bosenberry's specifications. (The plastic sprue
was used as there are no paint brushes commercially available
that are small enough to be used in this application.)

Then, a diluted wash of waterbased acrylic white paint is brushed on
the rear of the  window to represent the appearance of stained glass
with  "swirls" running through it. This is a LOT of work.

I hope to be able to make these laser scribed & cut Arched Window
Sets available commercially some day if the interest warrants.
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Laser Cut Acrylic Safety Gates
IT Bay Window Caboose in HO Scale.

Construction will be similar to our other caboose
kits, but the IT model will feature detailed
Cast Resin Bay Windows.

Also included will be Door & Window Screens
and custom made Caboose Style Leaf Springs
for modifying the Tichy Heavy Duty Archbar Coil
Spring Truck into the correct style for this caboose.
Close-up of Modified Tichy Archbar Truck with Leaf Spring Detail Added.
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