PPreliminary Descriptive Page for the AMB/LASERkit
HO Scale Interlocking "System"
Updated Sept. 25, 2009
Additional Information Coming
I will be releasing a complete set of Interlocking Parts, including Rocking Bars, Bell-Cranks, Pipe Rollers and "Concrete" Bases for all parts. The Pipe Rollers will come in a large variety of sizes to accomodate anywhere from one to a dozen pipes.
Our 13 Lever Machine,
Kit #388 is shown here
and is available on the
laserkit.com web site.
Plans call for a number of machines
the smallest having 6 levers with
combinations up to 24 levers.
Levers and most other parts are cut from our "Resin-Ply" material. This is a resin
impregnated, composition ply-board that is very stable and "cuts like butter".
The "tan" parts in the above photo show the Resin-Ply unpainted.
All of our Lever Machine kits include Painting Masks to ease the task of painting
the Lever the appropriate colors as shown in the photos above.
Click HERE to go to Photo Page 1 of Kit 388's Instructions.
There are Two Additional Pages of Drawing Instructions, not shown.
Click HERE to go to Photo Page 2 of Kit 388's Instructions.
This page shows how the Painting Masks are used.

The Painting Masks are indicative of AMB/LASERkit's Innovation,
Over Forty Years of Model Railroading Experience and Constant Effort to
"Raise The Bar" in providing the Top-of-the-Line Model Railroad Products.

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