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On2 Tie-Strips
SR&RL 24 is a Custom Brass, On2 Model. The Background is a "colorized" vintage photo of Strong, Maine.
I added some detail to the model, before painting it, including the Cab Front Center Window Blank &
Cross-Bracing, Generator Exhaust Pipe, Cab Curtains and Decals which were Computer Generated
from a "broadside photo" of No. 24.

While the background photo has been modified, the model photo has not, except for the steam and smoke
rising from the Steam Chest Snifter Valve, Smoke Stack and "Pop" Valve.

The coach is real and was in the original photo. I believe that's Dana Aldrich in the cab!
Car Works, B&SR No. 7 posed in front of an O Scale model of the Bridgton Car Shop.
How did SR&RL No.24 get to Bridgton???
The foliage, ground cover and background building were
added in Photoshop.

The Car Shop, No.7, track and switch stand are O scale models.

The switch stand is from San Juan
Car Co., and was modified with a
new target to better represent the switch stand at this location in Bridgton.

The track is hand laid using our new Laser Cut, Self Gauging,
Peel & Stick Tie-Strips.

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In Production,

In O Scale,
The B&SR Hancock Pond Tank!

Fully lasercut from LASERkit(tm).

The kit features an Internal Tank, visible in prototype photos, a Cast Resin Delivery Pipe, Roofing Material, Stairs and everything else you've  come to expect from AMB LASERkit.

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Kit #466 - MSRP: $62.95

The above photo of SR&RL 24 was published on the cover of
'Maine Two Foot Quarterly' Magazine!!
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M2FQ Magazine's "sister" publication is 'Light Iron Digest'
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These sights also list numerous related publications, Photo CDs and
DVDs of related subject matter. Be sure and tour these sights!
Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Locomotive No.24
Whether in model form, or how she must have looked in 1:1 scale,
no doubt, one of the most beautifully proportioned steam locomotives ever seen!
On2 Rolling Stock
A Real SR&RL Artifact, What a "Find"!