For Code 70 Rail, the Ties are a scale Five Inches wide.
All other Rail Sizes use Six Inch Wide Ties.
On30 Ties are Six Feet Long with Twenty Inch Spacing.
And now, for something completely different!
O Scale 24" and 30" Dual Gauge Tie-Strips.
Now you can run those Bachmann Shays with your
"Maine Two Footers" !
Pricing for our On30 Tie-Strips is the same as our On2 Tie-Strips.
Single Fret: Four 3-1/2" Long Strips - $8.50
Six Frets: Approx. 84 Lineal Inches - $41.00
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Bachmann Shay Parts
Why in the world would you want to use Tie-Strips instead of individual, hand-laid ties????
Tie-Strips have Peel & Stick Adhesive Backing and are pre-spaced. No more alignment/spacing jigs, masking tape and runny glue!
Tie-Strips have Four Pre-drilled
Spike Holes in every Tie.
No more splitting Ties when
you push the spikes in.
Ties stay together, spaced
and aligned by means of the
"Flex-Track" like spacer
strip between each tie.
Just draw a reference line, align
one edge of the Tie-Strip to it and
press in place. Tie-Strips are
"Profile Ties" that lay like Flex
Track, so they do not have to be sanded level after installation.

Tie-Strips work on curves too.
Just place the alignment strip
on the inside of the curve so the
ties "fan" properly.
Most importantly, Tie-Strips have laser milled grooves on the top of each tie that exactly matches the
width of the base of whatever Code Rail you use. This means that Tie-Strips are
Self Gauging!
You only need to use a track gauge if it makes you feel better!

Additionally, the grooves have been adjusted a few thousandths of an inch to accomodate the
rail base width of the specific rail code being used. This means that the gauge between the insides of
the rail head is exact, no matter what code rail you use! Just get the proper "Code" Tie-Strips!!


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