PE Express Box Motor 1451
arrives at the station to
unload some LCL freight.
Then it will pull PE Boxcar
2708 out of the
House Track
and head back to L.A.
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Venerable Wire Greaser
00150 making her rounds
over this portion of the

Unlike other electric
lines that used carbon
inserts in their trolley
shoes, the PE did not.
This necessitated the
use of the 00150
her sisters to keep the
overhead lubricated by
means of a
graphite stick,
which was applied to the
wire by the second pole.
   The PE had other "Greasers", but 00150 was definitely one-of-a-kind!
PE Freight Locomotive 1623
pulls PE Boxcar 2708 past
La Verne Station. By pure
coincidence this is the same
car that had been handled
Express Motor 1451 some
time earlier!

1623 is still in the old
"Crimson" paint scheme.
Several years ealier, our
photographer was taking
some early pictures in the
same locale. It was pure
luck that allowed us to see
"Hollywood" car 623 in
its original livery with
Eclipse Fenders in place.

It was a hot summer's
day, so the few patrons
aboard were dozing with
the shades drawn.
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