Yes, they do exist!
My SR&RL Switch Lock and Key.
I've made this page with the thought in mind that SR&RL fans might enjoy seeing a real Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad Switch Lock and Key.
On a visit to Maine, in the late 90's, my wife
and I stopped at an Antique/Flea Market Store
in Searsport, Maine.

This store is almost directly across the Highway
from The BlueJacket Shipcrafters Shop & Factory.

I always search the dsiplay cases for the "Small" items, a habit I've had for years as a result of my intensive search for the elusive
Rio Grande Southern Silver Filigree Passes.

I almost fainted when I saw
"the next best thing",
that being this Switch Lock & Key.

I couldn't believe my eyes and purchased it with lightning speed, not even giving
contemplative regard to price.

It is one of my prized possessions!
I have been told by an authority on railroad antiquity, that the SR&RL Locks, while rare, are not nearly as rare as the above, SR&RL "Stamped" Key.
The Lock and Key work perfectly, almost as if brand new.

The keyhole  cover's spring still has its "original' tension.

Amazingly, this lock
is in excellent condition considering its age!

Shown below is a close up of the SR&RL RR stamping on the hasp.
There is no question as to where this wonderful lock spent its day in service.
This wonderful artifact, that must have witnessed so much of what
we would give anything to see today, is usually locked away in a
safe deposit drawer.

I take it out when time allows and I must say, I enjoy looking at it.

I wonder if Dana Aldrich, Sonny Fairbanks, Rob McMullen, Ed West,
or any of the other SR&RL "Celebrities" often handled it.
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