In order to email the Suydam Catalog pages to those that want them, the files have had to be Compressed ("Zipped").
This keeps the file size small enough to be transmitted by most servers. The following index lists the contents of each Zip file.
Pg. 1 - Catalog Cover,  Pg. 2 - "Modeling Interurban Railways"   Pg 3. -"Prototype Information, Pacific Electric Railway",  
Pg. 4  - PE 600/5050 "Hollywood Cars",   Pg. 5 - - "Modernization of the PE 600s" Prototype Information,  
Pg. 6 - "The HO Models of the PE 600s",   Pg 7. PE "Huntington Standard" Cars, Mt Lowe Cars, both prototype and model info.
Pg. 8 - PE Niles-Calif. Suburban Cars, Prototype and Model Info., Pg. 9 - "PE #257" Note: This page is a re-print of the
Promotional and Reservation "Flyer" issued in 1962. The 257 models were "off-shoot models" from the run of PE 800s.
Pg. 10 - "PE 800s" and "PE Tens", Prototype and Model Information, Pg. 11 - "PE 950s" and "Tens" (1000 Series Wood Cars)
Prototype Info., Pg 12. - More "PE Tens" information, including the 1361 series Combos, and the 1100 Series, Steel Passenger Coaches, Pg 13 - Prototype info - "Pacific Electric Steel Cars",  HO Models "San Berdoo" 1200 Class Cars,
Pg. 14 - PE "Fives", PE "Golden Gate RPO", Private Car "Alabama".
Pg. 15 - PE 1370 Class Combos, PE Business Car 1299,   Pg. 16 - PE "Commodore", PE Double End "P.C.C. Cars",
Pg. 17 - PE "Blimps" - Prtototype Info,  Pg. 18 - PE "Blimps" - Model Info,  Pg. 19 - Box Motors 1446, PE RPO 1406,
Pg. 20 - PE 1459 - Converted Portland Coaches to Box Motors, Pg. 21 - PE 1451 - 1456 Box Motors.
File SC-22-25A
Pg. 22 - "Finishing Notes" - 1451 Box Motors, 00157 Tower Car, Wrecker 002 - Prototype Photos.
PG. 23 - PE Steeplecab Electrics - PE #1624 - Prototype & Model Photos, Pg. 24 - "Work Cars" PE 00150 Wire Greaser
Tower Car and, "Flat Bed Work Motor" - No prototype secified for this little monster, but some suggest a Sacramento. Northern Prototype "Influence", Pg. 25A - Repeat, with minor variation, of previous Page 14.
The Complete Suydam HO Catalog
Includes Prototype amd Model Information on virtually all of the Suydam Brass Models.
Also includes sections on "Modeling Interurban Railways", "Overhead Construction" & "Painting & Lettering Interurbans"
Added 02-16-06
File SC-25-28
Pg. 25 - PE "Electra" Steeple Cab Switcher, Pg. 26 - PE "Blimp" Box Motor 1465, Northern Electric Locomotive #1010,
Pg. 27 - CNS&M Models, CNS&M #737 "Skokie Coach", CNS&M Combination Coach #251,
CNS&M 700-733 Model "Steel Coaches".
File SC-29-32
Detailed Info To Be Added ASAP
File SC-33-36
Detailed Info To Be Added ASAP
File SC-37-40
Detailed Info To Be Added ASAP
File SC-41-42-PE #257
Detailed Info To Be Added ASAP
File "Wire Work"
Detailed Info To Be Added ASAP
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