Its sinister eye, looking and searching in the windy sky - For whatever it might
see below --
Out of the Cold North Sky it came --- Its Naked Red Head obvious ---
Contrasting against the dark, gray-blue clouds ----
Breaking into the Sunlight ---

Wings Dipping ---

Mastering the
wind gusts as
it glides ---

Magnificent Bird ---

in a sense ---

defying its
reputation ----

as easily as it
defies gravity.
Birds Of Troy, MO.
Photos Taken on
the morning of
April 11, 2008,
Troy, MO.

A very windy morning as
a cold front was moving through.

We were having our morning coffee, watching the feeder birds when Nancy, my wife, yelled;
"John - Big Bird - Get
your camera!"
All Photographs, Copyright John Hitzeman, 2008, Troy, MO
Since the Turkey Vulture feeds on carion (dead animals) its head is featherless,
and this acts as an aid against infection.

Note how the trailing primary and secondary wing feathers are gray, compared to the dark brown/black
of the wing's leading edge.

The Turkey Vulture's wingspan
is approximately Six Feet wide.