Other Trolley Models .........
Line Car 002 is a freelanced, "scratchbuilt" model based on
Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern
Line Car #79.

The model uses the roof, floor,
ends, trucks and drive from a
Bachmann  HO scale"Brill"
Trolley. In order to fit the
Bachmann floor, the body was
lengthened and the large side
door added.The sides, doors,
roof platform and tower are
laser cut components.
A couple of close-ups, per
request, of the "business end"
of HO scale Tower/Line Car 002.

All components of the tower
are tabbed and notched.

The tower can be manually
raised and lowered.

I'll add that picture soon.

The chains are for hauling
extra line poles.
Boston Center Entrance Car
#6238 is a custom painted
brass model from Fairfield
Imports. Some extra details
were added.