- Laser Cut Acrylic Wheel Masks -
For 33 and 36 HO Scale Inch Diameter Wheel Sets.

I made a couple of these for my own use back in '94. A number of friends  have
been insisting that I add these to our product line - so, here they are.

Kit 906 holds Four, Kadee 33" Diameter (Freight Car) Wheel Sets.
Kit 907 holds Four 36" Diameter (Passenger Car) Wheelsets.
MSRP - $10.95 each.
The natural "spring" in the plex holds the wheelsets in place while being painted.
This Item is primarily designed to assist modelers when
painting HO Scale Wheel Sets. It may also assist the modeler from getting paint all over his/her hands. An additional benefit
is that it helps keep paint from getting on the wheel treads.
It does NOT protect the axle points from getting paint on them. However, one can mask the axle points, with some type of masking tape,  if one chooses to do so. 
Visible in the photo at left,
this mask allows painting of
everything except the wheel treads.

Once painted, each of the mask's
"fingers" can be individually pulled
apart to release each wheelset, one
at a time.

When paint builds up on the mask, after time, it can be soaked in something like household ammonia to remove acrylic and/or water based paints, or quicly in
something like lacquer thinner to remove solvent based paints which may then be
wiped off with a paper towel.

After the wheels are painted, I install
them in an old truck frame then
polish the treads with a wire wheel
in a Dremel Tool.

See photo of the PRR F22 below.

The 33" Wheel Mask is Kit 906.
The 36" Wheel Mask is Kit 907.

Our Wheel Masks sell for $10.95
each, which is $6.00 less than
originally anticipated.

Unlike cardboard masks, these will
last for years.
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- Some Assembly is Required -
There are a total of Five (5) Parts that will need to be glued together. You will need a Plastic Solvent Glue, which is NOT INLCUDED.
(See Instructions.) Assembly is simple and the parts are marked
so that the laser-bevel matches the angle of the wheel tread.
NOT for use by Humans Under The Age of 18.
These masks are precision cut to fit
33" (Kit 906) and 36" (Kit 907) scale wheels with NMRA RP-25 Profiles.
Axles exposed for easy painting, only
the wheel's treads are covered.
The Series of three photos below show how the wheel-sets are placed in the masking jig. The Holding "Fingers"
spread apart one at a time for placing the wheel sets. After painting, the wheels may be removed one axle at a time.
There is no need for rubber bands to hold things together, and the axle is accessible for painting.
Spread the mask's"fingers" apart and slip wheel in place.
Almost There ---
The First Wheel in Place.
Kit 906 - For 33" Wheels
Kit 907 - For 36" Wheels
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The color chosen for painting the wheels in this photo is
would be different in appearance. This is NOT a recommendation
for anyone to use this particular color, or any other.