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NEW - PRR Naval Gun Barrel Load - NEW

PRR Project List Wreck Derrick "5 Hole Hook" Kit

PRR Tower at Cresson, Pennsylvania - "MO Tower"

PRRPro(ject) List Duplex Glazing

Brake Beams For WKW's R50b & B60b 2D-P5 Trucks

F22 and FM Decks - NEW

F33 Decks - NEW

Model Galleries - NEW

WKW 2411 Passenger Truck To Branchline Floor Bolster Kit NEW


HO F22 Load/Gun Bolsters,
Real Wood Roof Walks for X29 and X31 Box Cars
and much more for the Pennsylvania RR Modeler.
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Passenger Car Glazing, Accessories & Details
HO Scale "MO" Tower
Copyright 2008, AMB/LASERkit, St. Louis, MO
Cabin Glazing and Details
Go to then "click" on 'HO Scale',
Then "click" on 'Windows'.
LASERkit No. 206 - Structural Load & Blocking
As Seen In December, 2007 TKM
400+ Parts - AMB's EXCLUSIVE "BILD-STRATE" Stair Construction 
Thirty Six Pages Of Illustrated Instructions
Unlike any HO Structure Kit You've Ever Seen - 15+ Years Of LaserKit Experience
Click On Photo Below For More Views and Information.
NEW - HO Scale 16" Naval Gun Load - Kit 215 - NEW